November 25; International Kalla Jewish Spirituality

Two days of exploring theory

and practice of Jewish


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Our speakers will discuss the meaning of Jewish Spirituality and what Kabbalah contributes to it: what is Jewish Spirituality and how can we experience it in our daily life? How can it contribute to our quality of life? Our workshops will let us experience the practice of Jewish Spirituality. We will explore how musical melodies and chants, and spiritual practices like Mussar, meditation and prayer can deepen our Jewish Spiritual experience and lead to Tikkun Nefesh, the healing of the soul. We will work with heart, head and body. 

When & Time

Friday November 25: 9.00 - 22.00

Saturday November 26: 10.30 - 17.30


Prof. Dr. Irene Zwiep, Netherlands

Dr. Leo Mock, Netherlands

Dr. David Sclar, USA (keynote Friday)

Rabbi Larry Tabick, UK (keynote Saturday)

Heide Warncke MA and Ruth Peeters MA, Netherlands

Workshop leaders:

Daniël Beaupain, Netherlands

Rabbi Tamarah Benima, Netherlands

Rabbi Eva Sax Bolder, USA

Hazan Cindy Freedman, USA

Rabbi Larry Tabick, UK

Petra ter Berg BA and Cocky Fortuin-van der Spek MA

Rabbi Hannah Nathans, Netherlands

Hazan Jalda Rebling, Berlin 



Venue first day:

Synagogue of the Liberal Jewish Congregation of Amsterdam, Zuidelijke Wandelweg 41, 1079 RK Amsterdam.

Venue second day:

Yehuda Aschkenazy-library, De Nieuwe Poort, Claude Debussylaan 2-8, 1082 MD Amsterdam. 


Please use this link.  


Full programme: € 149.
If attending one day suits you better, november 25 costs € 95 and november 26 € 85.

Students: € 35.

Programme Kalla Jewish Spirituality

Friday November 25

9 am       Reception and registration

9.30 am  Rabbi Hannah Nathans, Opening Remarks

9.40 am  Prof. dr. Irene Zwiep, Kabbalah in Amsterdam – an Introduction

10 am     Heide Warncke MA and Ruth Peeters MA, The Kabbalistic Manuscripts of the Ets Haim/Livraria Montezinos

10.30 am Dr. David Sclar, Spiritual Purpose and Social Critique in the Pietistic Writings of Moses Hayim Luzzatto

11.30 am Coffee/tea break

12.00       Dr. Leo Mock : Spirituality in the Orthodox World

12.45       Lunch break

2 pm        Workshops*

3.15 pm   Coffee/tea break

3.45-5 pm Workshops*

8 pm        Kabbalat Shabbat service (upbeat)

Saturday November 26

10.30 am Meditative Shacharit Service

12.00 am Rabbi Larry Tabick, Prayer and Meditation in Kabbalistic Tradition

1 pm        Lunch break

2 pm        Workshops*

3.15 pm   Coffee/tea break

3.45 pm   Workshops*

5 pm        Closing remarks and Havdalah

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More information: phone 0183 – 645006 (8.30 till 17.30 hrs) or send an e-mail to